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Te’Ara Arman is an Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Purpose Coach and Podcast Host who is passionate about helping, supporting, mentoring, and guiding others to reach their potential.  She is committed to proactively create innovative methods of empowerment so that we may continue to approach our lives with self-confidence.  Te’Ara’s motto is “Dare to be different. Live to Inspire.  Be who you are.”  She believes that when you step out of the cookie cutter path and create your own, you inspire others to believe and invest in themselves, to show the world exactly who they are.  Te’Ara’s Knack for empowering others can be traced back to her experiences as a member and former employee of the Boy’s & Girl’s Clubs of Greater St. Louis where she spent significant time learning to guide herself and other’s.  Over the years those experiences gave her the blueprint to be a success in organization and strategic planning, creating, developing, and implementing empowerment strategies, youth, and parenting workshops.


Te’Ara, a BWN/MOIL Legacy Award Ward recipient and a Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis Hall of Honor inductee, founded, Daring Inspired Youth where she provides character development, mentorship, college, and career readiness programs for youth ages six to eighteen.  She also owns and operates Te’Ara Speaks where she provides mentoring, purpose coaching, empowerment workshops, speak eazy with author Te’Ara Arman, and the Te’Ara Speaks Podcast, a foundation of growth that empowers women, men and youth, to discuss the challenges and struggles they have gone through to get to their purpose.  

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