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Te'Ara Speaks Podcast Season 1 Episode 19 Stay LIT with Danielle Copeland

Today is the 1st of the last 4 episodes of Season 1! It’s Episode 19! We will be Staying LIT with my sis Danielle Copeland! She stops by to discuss her new book HOW TO CLEAR DEBT MAKING LESS THAN 40K AS A SINGLE PARENT WITH NO SIDE HUSTLE and the 4 Strategies she used to do it. She also discusses how “Real life is happening behind the smile” and how “If you think you have something going, you need to go ahead and get it together.” Also shout out to today's Sponsors TSEED Executive Productions & Extravagant Events and Hi Standards Boutique! Be sure to check them out. Thank you for supporting us! Be sure to follow us on IG/FB/TW @tearaspeaks and subscribe to our website at for updates, new episodes and all things Te’Ara Speaks. For more information on how to become a guest or Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities email us at

The Te'Ara Speaks Podcast is the foundation for growth. A podcast for women and men to be empowered to discuss the challenges and struggles they have gone through to get to their purpose. This podcast will uplift, motivate, and inspire all to follow their dreams.

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