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Te'Ara Speaks Podcast Season 1 Ep.4 Growth in Entrepreneurship during a Pandemic w/Elisha Monique

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

In Episode 4 of Te'Ara Speaks we are discussing Growth in Entrepreneurship during a Pandemic with special guest, Celebrity Hair Stylist and Educator, Elisha Monique.  Join us as we discuss how to pivot, add value and expand your business,  what it means to take some me time to rejuvenate your self no matter the length of time and how to be better than the you, you were yesterday!  Shout out and Congratulations to our Sponsor Sprouts Hair Care Line!  Be sure to follow us on IG/FB/TW @tearaspeaks and subscribe to our website at for updates and new episodes. For more information on how to become a guest or Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities email us at

The Te'Ara Speaks Podcast is the foundation for growth. A podcast for women and men to be empowered to discuss the challenges and struggles they have gone through to get to their purpose. This podcast will uplift, motivate, and inspire all to follow their dreams.

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